Episode 7 - Who Let The Katt Out Of The Bag

March 15, 2016

On this episode of He Said, She Said Radio. Mike and Michele "go live" and singlehandedly put the last nail in periscope's coffin. We discuss both  Katt Williams'  and Donald Trump's bad behavior and wonder if the have the same dealer. Michele blocks another comic as we debate how an open mic comic can be considered established. and we say Weems name at least 59 times. Michele promises not to block anyone for at least the next couple of weeks. But neither Michele nor Elton's face has any time for your foolishness. 

Episode 6 - Snatch Chat

February 28, 2016

On today's He Said She Said show. Mike and Michele get in formation with Beyoncé and discuss Kanye West's sanity. All while entertaining the folks on the live FB feed. Also the word "snatch" was used often and with impunity.

Episode 5 - Last Stand

January 17, 2016

On Todays episode of He Said, She Said, Mike and Michele talk about Mike being unemployed and employed again within 9 days. Mike stresses the importance of a facility tour to get the racial ratio. We also talk President Obama's last stand and our imaginary Powerball winnings. Lastly we discuss FB shade and say all of the names!

Episode 4 - Very Tinder Christmas

December 19, 2015

On He Said, She Said Radio, Mike and Michele welcome Mike Read. We chat about the difference between rednecks and white trash in the most respectful way possible. Both Mike's analyze Michele's tinder date. And we discuss Christmas traditions and how far Mike is willing to go to make sure his traditions win.

Episode 3 - Cell Phone Conversation

November 30, 2015

On the Thanksgiving edition of He Said, She Said show, Mike and Michele take it back to basics and chat it up about topics ranging from fatherhood to dating to misogyny on the mic.  

Episode 2 - Friends How Many Have Them?

October 27, 2015

Mike and Michele have been friends for two years! We'll talk about that, and about the responsibilities that brings. Is it possible to have true friends in comedy? Does the friendship come with any strings or professional obligations?  Plus comic out of LA Trevor Joyner joins the discussion all  this and more on this week's He Said, She Said radio Show! 2-4pm Wllsradio.com.

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Episode 1 - Prosecco Goes Pop

October 8, 2015

On this episode of He Said; She Said, Mike and Michele settle their DC Improv bet and "spoiler alert" Michele gets to pop some bottles.  Kandyce August calls in and spills the tea on a joke stealing contestant in a comedy competition and the comedian that outs him onstage. We talk with comedian Franqi French and we discuss what can one do to stand out in stand-up.  Ralph Cooper, host of Awesome Thursdays at RFD in DC calls in and discusses how to run a successful room, getting bumped, and the future of open mic and other comedy venues.  Through it all, Mike and Michele laugh, cajole, instigate and drink plenty Prosecco.